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Existing Business Service

Business Coaching and Telephone Support

Food Business Consultancy offers a Business Coaching programme designed to assist you manage your business in a more efficient and profitable manner. Managing a small business is challenging and the opportunity to discuss business plans and operations from an objective perspective is limited to “paid” employees.


Our programme is designed to assist you with operational challenges. It is an on-going support system which is flexible in its delivery and there when you need us to be. It is a cost effective, supportive and tailored to meet your individual challenges. Available for telephone support for subscription customers

Our Coaching Programme may also be used as a resource by business owners/investors who are not active on a day-to-day basis. We can be the medium between investors and management. Our advice would then be assisting both parties.


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Business Projections and Budgeting

Let us run a full financial evaluation on your business to see where it can be improved, we have the software to perform budgets analyse on your previous figures as well as projections and budgeting for new businesses, we can perform breakeven analysis on your figures to guide you in the right direction.


Whether you operate a restaurant or cafe, or you manufacture food we can help as it can be complex to unravel, identify and measure performance.


Our consultants have worked across many sectors and have significant experience of modelling and benchmarking hospitality and manufacturing operations. A review of your business is often the first point in a development plan.

A typical review will look at:

– Financial performance benchmarked against sector and industry standards
– Improvement possibilities viewed from external and internal perspectives
– Resource use, for example labour and food costs


After a detailed analysis we make recommendations in line with the client brief and objectives.

Food and Drink Supplier Negotiations

Negotiating plays a large role in the procurement of agreeable contract terms with suppliers. We will find a supplier or multiple suppliers who fit the needs of your food business. We will negotiate terms on your behalf, check the quality of products and set up a long business relationship with them. Some of these terms may include the following:


Product prices: Negotiating product prices is part of our discussion with any supplier.


Item quantity: For the products you purchase, you want to be assured that the standards in item quantity are maintained. We will provide the supplier a copy of your supply list and have them help you determine the average unit amount you need to order each week to meet your projected weekly volume.

Payment terms: We will arrange he industry standard payment within 30 days or less from the time you receive your supplies.


Delivery schedule: Negotiating on your behalf the best delivery times.
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Menu Design and Development

Food Business Consultancy offers Food & Hospitality Solutions to all types of catering operations. From small cafes to multi-national corporations looking to improve their customer base and operational development.


We recognise that every hospitality operation is different and each requires a unique & personalised service that meets the demand of the business and customers alike. Our personalised solutions are derived from in-depth operational assessments where we create and manage a progressive development & training plan, working closely with you and your team to ensure consistency and the longevity of your business.


Our goal is to increase your customer spend, reduce costs, improve your overall operational performance and ultimately grow your business profit. We do this by providing you with a range of efficient and high quality services that are tailored around your individual business needs.


Our experienced team will advise, design, develop, create, implement and train the very best solutions for the development of the menu. Once we know what you need, we’ll swiftly set in to motion a plan of action that can be fully managed and integrated into your business, targeting all areas of improvement.

We complete rigorous recipe testing, recipe costing, sourcing the best suppliers and then conducting negotiations on the company’s behalf, recipe and operational programs then a comprehensive training for key members of staff.


Menu development is comprised of five key areas:
Psychology (perception, attention, emotion/effect)


Recipe construction and the best balance between quality and cost
 Food Costing (contribution margin and unit cost analysis)
Marketing & Strategy (pricing, promotion)


 Design (layout, typography)
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Operational Analysis

Food Business Consultancy will help improve accuracy within a company by leveraging the numbers that show what is really happening in your business environment. The important categories within the industry include: maintenance, kitchen, restaurant, staffing levels, sales, store, and purchasing. Getting this data organized will allow for new insights leading to better results, maximizing revenue, increasing customer profitability and improving customer satisfaction. The following KPIs are used to measure various aspects of your operations.
List of relevant KPI’s:


Food Cost %: Measured by adding up food purchases for the week and measuring them against your food sales. This is based on the assumption that you are not holding very much stock.


Food Costs per head: It can be useful to see every week how much it costs to feed an average customer. If your menu and sales style is consistent, this should also remain much the same. If it starts to go up, you will have to find out what’s happening!


Best (and worst) selling items: Determine the weekly sales from your POS. Do you know what the best sellers are? Use this to determine what your menu should consist of.

Seating Efficiency: How well are your tables being turned over while still offering high quality customer service? Usually many small things combine to have a large impact – cooking time, seating, service and clearing.


Staffing Levels: Keeping track of staffing percentages. We will find out what percentage suits the business best and offer advice on ways to keep it there.


Visits by your most loyal customers: These customers provide a huge proportion of your sales. We can track their frequency and spending – these people are gold!


Marketing and advertising costs: The total value of what you spend, always trying to measure it against the response you get. A difficult one to measure, but worth investigating.


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Operational Procedures & Policies

Operations planning is a tactical communications and planning process to evaluate demand and ensure sufficient resources are in place to deliver your product.


Food Business Consultants work with our clients to fully implement operating procedures and policies to help their business deliver improved customer service, cost and capital efficiency. We use simple, no nonsense methods that make sales and operations planning applicable and affordable for all hospitality and manufacturing companies, whatever the size of your business.


We apply our expertise to get your processes designed within all departments, in the shortest possible lead time. This ensures your sales and operations planning process is robust, easily understood and entirely geared towards your specific activities.


Our team approach is to:


Work in consensus with your team to develop a process that all functions can be easily replicated within a chain or franchise.

Keep it simple and logical – ensuring the process is understood by all stakeholders


Provide you with easy to follow documentation and policies


Work with the your people at a detailed level to deliver a comprehensive process


Train and develop your teams as part of the design process


Our unique sales and operations planning approach will enable you to make considered long term contingency plans, whilst optimizing your cost base and sustainably improving your service.


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Performance Evaluations

Business and Operational Reviews


Let Food Business Consultancy experts discretely dine at your restaurant during your busiest hours reviewing all significant points relating to the restaurant appearance, menu analysis, service, wait staff attitudes and techniques throughout the dining experience. We will also review food presentation, taste and quality, payment handling, rest rooms and more.


Everything is observed and evaluated through a fresh pair of eyes. A final report noting areas of strength and weaknesses will be provided in great detail within one business day. The report will contain useful information for upgrading and improving the dining experience for your patrons, offering a starting point for your future success.


We also do evaluations on Cafes, Takeaways, Hotels, Pubs, Bistros, Pizzerias, Catering Operations and Cafeterias.

Labour Reviews, Restructuring and Change Management


Any changes to your catering operation, whether product or budget oriented, will have an impact on your staffing hours and labour requirements. We advise on the labour needed to deliver a specific food offer with breakdowns of production, service and cleaning times.


Our expertise can help with change of management to ensure changes to staff working hours and routines are managed correctly and smoothly. We can help and advice with staff transfers and guide you through the requirements whilst acting as mediators.


With over 35 years’ experience in the sector, we are well placed to recruit on behalf of our clients for managers and head chefs. We will manage the recruitment process and assist with interviews.

Restaurant Salvage

Your restaurant doesn’t need to be failing to benefit from Food Business Consultancy 7 day Restaurant Salvage. In fact, most restaurants would benefit from an intense 7 day onsite analysis one of our restaurant consultants. This package provides 7 full days onsite for analyzing and fixing the problems that are keeping the restaurant from maximum profits plus another 2 days pre-and post-visit. The 7 Day Restaurant Salvage is customizable based on need.


Typically our 7 day Restaurant Salvage includes a thorough analysis of the following:


Increase Receipts (implementing marketing, social media, blogs, menu pricing, product mix, and rebranding)
Provide a Better Customer Experience (decor, entertainment, customer service, cleanliness, training, food safety compliance)

Reduce Labor Cost (rostering, recruiting techniques, job descriptions, reducing turnover, and policy manual)

Reduce Food Cost (outsourcing, supplier negotiations, reducing waste, menu engineering, evaluating specials)
Reduce Overhead (reduce utilities, evaluation of rental policies, credit card processing, security)


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Staff Recruitment and Training

Successful selection followed by crucial training are the essential building blocks in developing a skilled and competent team, capable of realising your business objectives.

Food Business Consultancy will support recruitment and then the training of your staff. From induction through to structured training programmes, we can equip your team with the skills they need to deliver and perform their duties effectively for your business.


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Stock Control and Inventory Management

Stock control and inventory management is used to show how much stock you have at any one time, and how you keep track of it.


It applies to every item you use to produce a product or service, from raw materials to finished products. It covers stock at every stage of the production process, from purchase and delivery to using and re-ordering the stock.


Efficient stock control allows you to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It ensures that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, and protects production if problems arise with the supply chain.


We can set up effective traceability and batch control systems for food manufacturers to satisfy any HACCP or Food Safety Programs.


Food Business Consultancy will explain different stock control methods, shows you how to set one up and teach you how to use it correctly

Call today and talk to one of our consultants about any of the following issues


  • Types of stocks
  • How much stock should you keep?
  • Stock control methods
  • Stock control systems – keeping track manually
  • Stock control systems – keeping track using computer software
  • Stock security
  • Wastage minimisation
  • Control the quality of your stock
  • Stock control administration

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