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Hospitality Concepts and Investment Services

Dreaming of a Hospitality Business but don’t know where to Start

If you are intending to enter the hospitality industry with no hands-on experience, it would be highly advisable to launch with an experienced group who have a long term track record of successful launches and operations, and have your best interests at heart.


Let Food Business Consultancy open one of the concepts we have available, whether it is a new concept or one of the existing concepts wanting to find an operator in the Sydney Market. We will advise on the best options to meet your needs.


What we can do for you?


• Create a business plan.

• Research the locality the concept would best suit.

• Design and development of the menus.

• Complete branding of the business.

• Marketing the business to create an instant client base.

• Interior design through to construction management.

• Sourcing the best finance options.

• Management of obtaining staff, training and launch.


Let us find you the best concept Now


Prime Location Finder

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “location, location, location” more than a few times. But if you’re in the middle of creating a spectacular menu for your new restaurant or finding wholesalers, it might not be the first thing on your mind.


It’s time to put location at the top of your to-do list. If you’re preparing to open a food or retail business within a set criteria, we can help by putting your business in the proper location. We believe this to be one of the single most important things you do at startup or expansion. You still need a winning product, too, but how will anyone know about that product unless you get them through the door?

Let Us find you the best Location Now


Unique and Iconic Hospitality Concepts

The Food Business Consultancy team of experts provide a range of uniquely designed concepts from cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels/pubs for future hospitality operators. We have the rights to many famous global businesses that can be built for you with-in the Australian market. Our concept designers have vast experience in today’s hospitality environment, they know the current trends.


Our team have developed concepts with the consideration of a variety of topics including type of cuisine or cooking style that each concept will have. Matching the alcohol to the idea. Whether certain ingredients will be emphasized, special cooking techniques and equipment, the style of presentation and what service philosophy will be adopted,

price points and of course all being matched to the very best interior design and location. Including ground breaking electronic entertainment concept direct from the United States. We have created signature dishes for each concept.


Press see more and you will see what concepts are available now from Food Business Consultancy.


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