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It’s time to expand your business

It is Time to Expand your Business

Allow us to explain our philosophy and how we work. We see our plans for the expansion of your business as a “branding” exercise, and at the end of the day the man that owns the gold is the man who owns the branding name.

We would like to talk about a recent market leader in the Sydney hospitality scene. They opened one store about 3 years ago and now have 18, with one overseas operation.

They achieved this rapid expansion by bringing in some heavy-duty investors and saw massive, sustainable and immediate growth.

The original operator probably owns about 25% of the new operations, but he owns the branding name, trademark and all the intellectual property generated by the expansion.

Our personal estimate is that this brand name alone, today is worth around AU$3-5 Million, as it falls under the category of operations suitable for expansion throughout the world, under an international franchising company.

All the projects that we create or assist with expansion, put the original owner in full possession of their branding name, trademark, and registered rights at all times.




Ballers Polpetteria is keen to establish the restaurant as a vibrant quick service eatery for eat-in, takeaway and home delivery of polpette (meatballs), where customers can enjoy gourmet meatballs, meatball sandwiches, breakfast meatballs, sauces, sides, popular soft drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages at an affordable price, as well as excellent food, service and atmosphere. Prices range from $5 for a single slider to $16 for a main meal.



Indimex is never dull! It’s completely new and always fresh! It’s flavour, It’s energy and customers always get a warm welcome.

The brainchild of highly experienced chef Gurinderjit (GJ) Singh. Indimex was created to bring something new and exciting to Brisbane diners. Having trained, worked in, managed and owned Mexican restaurants in Australia, Japan and the USA and having Indian blood coursing through his veins the concept was born.

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